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Can you really offer multiple campaigns at this price? Will there be no additional costs?
If you sign up for a fixed price plan, you can campaign as many times as you wish at no additional cost.
What is the process to start the campaign?
The basic flow is: application - data preparation and payment - campaign creation - campaign start.
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Is it possible to check the actual operation of the management screen and the participants' guide lines on the demo screen, etc. before applying?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact us for more information.
Do I need to follow any procedures for cancellation?
No special requirements.
What is the maximum number of retweeted user data that can be collected?
We can collect more than 100,000 cases per day. If you need to collect more than that, please contact us.
To what extent can I obtain information about the Twtter accounts that participated in the campaign?
Basically, we can collect profile data that is publicly available on Twitter. Information that is set to private on individual accounts cannot be collected.
Is there a mechanism to reach users who participated in the campaign but were not selected in the drawing?
Yes, we do. The campaign can be designed to direct visitors to LINE, Instagram, or the company's website.
Can you assist me in obtaining a certification badge?
Yes, we can. Please contact us for details.