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Digital x Real Event Support. Easy QR Code Campaign
Recommended for beginners of digital campaigns. Minimum price 130,000 yen. Integrated ordering from planning to printing is possible

Contribute to purchase promotion and notification!!

Send customers to stores

Increase your ability to attract customers by holding a campaign that they can only participate in if they actually come to your store!

Manage Codes

PARKLoT's QR code campaigns can also issue and manage QR codes in variable format.

Can be embedded in flyers

QR codes can be embedded in flyers. You can participate in the campaign with just one smartphone, without having to go through the process of downloading an app or following on social networking sites.

Full range of detailed customization

  • Variable Publish and print QR codes

    Variable Publish and print QR codes

    A different QR code can be printed 
    on each sheet
    We accept orders for everything from QR code issuance to printing.

  • QR Code Issuance

    QR Code Issuance

    You can participate with your smartphone more easily than with a serial code.

  • Lottery can be conducted 
    within your LP

    Lottery can be conducted within your LP

    The drawing can also be held on the campaign's LP site.

  • Prevention of duplicate lotteries

    Prevention of duplicate lotteries

    Once the lottery has been drawn QR codes can be disabled

  • Free to set up the production

    Free to set up the production

    Free setting of images to be used for the performance at the time of the lottery drawing

  • Automatic lottery function

    Automatic lottery function

    Automatic drawing of winnersChoice of later or immediate drawings

  • DM Sending Functions

    DM Sending Functions

    Send unique gift code and URL as notification of winning results

  • Customize Sort Order

    Customize Sort Order

    Customize the order of posts by date and time, number of likes received, etc.

  • Lottery screen design 

    Lottery screen design customization

    Providing the right design for your company's website or campaign site

  • Join by registering as a friend on LINE

    Join by registering as a friend on LINE

    Join the campaign by registering as a LINE friend and sending a QR code

You can use it in the following ways


Organizing a campaign in which you can participate only with a flyer

Organizing a campaign 
in which you can participate 
only with a flyer

1.Distribute lottery tickets with QR codes at stores.
2.Read the QR code with your smartphone.
3.Go to the site and draw lots!!


You can draw lots whenever you like.

You can draw lots
whenever you like

You don't have to stand in line 
to participate in the lottery!!

Challenge the lottery at café time 
or on the way home