Frequently Asked Questions

About Prices

Can you really offer multiple campaigns at this price? Will there be no additional costs?
If you sign up for a fixed price plan, you can campaign as many times as you wish at no additional cost.
Is there a pay-as-you-go fee based on the number of applications, winners, or engagements, or is there a data acquisition limit?
There are no pay-as-you-go charges at this time.
However, if your account has more than 100,000 existing followers and expected participation exceeds 10,000 in one day, please consult with us in advance.
How much does it cost to download the campaign results in CSV?
You can download the file within the basic fee. No separate fee is required.
Is there a difference in price between a "daily" campaign and a "weekly" campaign?
No, it does not change.
The fee is the same whether conducted daily (31 times/month) or weekly (4 times/month).
*Campaigns cannot be held at the same time.
What are the payment methods and payment sites?
The system usage fee must be paid prior to the start of use.
We will issue an invoice and payment must be made by the day before the campaign starts.
Are there any discounts for annual contracts, etc.?
Yes, we offer discounted rates for annual contracts.

About Contracts

I want to start a campaign with PARKLoT, where can I sign up?
Please apply using this application form.
For the flow from application to the start of the campaign, please refer to "Flow from Application to the Start of the Campaign".
Flow from application to start of campaign
Is it possible to check the actual operation of the management screen and the participants' guide lines on the demo screen, etc. before applying?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact us for more information.
I am considering introducing the PARKLoT system, can I get a pamphlet or introductory materials?
You can view it immediately as a PDF file from the document download page.
If you would like to receive a paper copy, please contact us using the Inquiry Form.
Download PARKLoT in 3 minutes
What should the campaign organizer do after signing the contract?
Please confirm your Twitter API application and log in to the PARKLoT system.
After logging in, you can create a campaign on the administration page.
We are considering a campaign with multiple Twitter accounts. Is the contract on an account-by-account basis? Or is it per company?
Contracts are made on a per Twitter account basis.
Can I run a campaign on my Twitter account for any product?
Yes, basically any account can host a campaign.
However, for products classified as gambling-related, adult goods, virtual currency, etc.,
additional man-hours are required and will be charged separately.
We are holding an Instant Win with another company's tool and are considering switching. Can I just ask for a quote?
Yes, please just request a quote.
PARKLoT allows you to hold as many Instant Wins as you want for a fixed price, keeping costs low.
In addition, we have the resources to develop our own campaigns, so we can also make proposals
to improve the level of campaigns currently being held by other companies.
Do I need to follow any procedures for cancellation?
No special requirements.

About Functions

What features are included in the fixed price plan?
Follow & Retweet instant win campaign functionality is the basic functionality available on a monthly basis. Free optional features that can be added are listed below.
・Collection of shipping address or e-mail address
・Automatic message sending to campaign participants
・Directing visitors to the Web site
・Leading to the LINE
・Automatic sending of fixed gift codes (automatic distribution of different codes for each winner, such as Amazon gift codes, is a paid option)
・Setting the number of gifts and probability of winning for each gift
・Spam judgment based on our criteria
・Set the image and text to be displayed at the time of winning the contest.
・Set the image and wording to be displayed when the application is not selected.
・Collect information on campaign participants and output to CSV
What is the maximum number of retweeted user data that can be collected?
We can collect more than 100,000 cases per day. If you need to collect more than that, please contact us.
To what extent can I obtain information on Twitter accounts that participated in the campaign?
Basically, we can collect profile data that is publicly available on Twitter. Information that is set to private on individual accounts cannot be collected.
Is it possible to win all the campaign participants without missing out?
Yes, it is possible.
Is there a mechanism to reach users who participated in the campaign but were not selected in the drawing?
Yes, we do. The campaign can be designed to direct visitors to LINE, Instagram, or the company's website.
How many types of prizes can I set?
Up to three types can be set.
I started a campaign with two different prize settings. Can I add another one along the way?
Once the post has been automatically tweeted and the campaign has begun, no other giveaways can be added.
For the two prizes already set, the "probability of winning" and "number of winners" can be changed after the campaign starts.
Is the notification of the results of campaigns held by PARKLoT in the form of a reply or a URL?
URL type. The results are notified by URL in a direct message.
Why PARKLoT uses the URL type
Is it possible to promote using video on the results notification page after the URL transition?
All images, GIFs, and videos can be displayed on the results notification page.
The basic plan allows only jpeg/gif files to be displayed.
Video can also be displayed, but at an additional charge.
Is it possible to change the probability of winning during the event?
Yes, it is possible to change the probability of winning on the management screen during the campaign.
How to change the probability of winning
We are planning a 3-day campaign. Can I set the probability of winning each day?
If the campaign is for three consecutive days, it is not possible to set up the campaign by day.
The probability of winning can be changed during the campaign, and we ask that you operate the campaign while monitoring the situation.
If the campaign is held three times in a row for one day, the probability of winning can be set for each day.
Is it possible to change the number of winners during the event?
Yes, the number of winners can be changed on the administration page during the campaign.
The number of winners doubles when we reach 10,000 retweets!" and 
other campaign designs can be designed to create a sense of unity with participants.
Can I filter the winners?
Yes, you can filter winners by the following criteria
・Whether or not to allow default profile users to win
・Minimum number of followers
I have a Twitter retweet campaign that was conducted without using PARKLoT. Can I retrieve the users who participated in this campaign later?
Please contact us.
Due to Twitter specifications, we can usually only retrieve the most recent 100 retweeted users, 
but depending on your situation, we may be able to retrieve a higher number of retweets.
PARKLoT's retweet user collection mechanism
What information can I see in the report?
[Information that can be checked on the management screen]
・Number of followers increased
・Number of campaign participants
・Winners (real time)
・Winner's address (only if collection is turned on)
・Winner's email address (only if collection settings are on)
[Information on participants that can be given in CSV]
・Number of followers
・Number of followings
・Number of tweets
・Retweet time
・Whether or not you are following the company's official account
Which do you recommend, using the PARKLoT system to collect addresses, or putting a URL in the gift receipt wording and collecting it with a Google form, etc.?
PARKLoT's address collection form requires you to login with your Twitter account (OAuth sign-in).
This is a mechanism to prevent anyone other than the winner from submitting the form.
Using PARKLoT's address collection form helps prevent fraud, such as identity theft or sharing the form URL with other users who have not won the campaign to enter the form.
Is the campaign detail page of the "PARKLoT" sweepstakes portal site automatically created?
Yes, the detail page is created automatically.
By being listed on this site, it is expected to spread to the approximately 15,000 people (as of September 30, 2022) registered on the site.
In addition, it increases the likelihood that they will continue to participate in the campaign.
We can also support operation with your own domain name. (Additional fee required)
Sweepstakes portal site PARKLoT

About Support

Can I request PARKLoT to purchase Amazon gift certificates on my behalf for distribution?
Yes, we do. 10% commission is charged when we purchase Amazon gift certificates on your behalf.
The gift certificate price and handling fee must be deposited before the campaign is held.
Is it possible to request support for planning and managing an SNS campaign?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact us for details.
Can I ask you to place and manage advertisements??
Yes, we can help you.
Please inquire about agency fees for advertising operations.
Can you deliver gifts to winning users on our behalf?
We do not provide delivery service to winning users. Winners' shipping information can be exported in CSV format.
Can you assist me in obtaining a certification badge?
Yes, we can. Please contact us for details.

About the Campaign

What is Instant Win?
Instant Win is a general term for a sweepstakes in which the results of the drawing are known as soon as you participate.
How does Twitter Instant Win work?
During the campaign period, the program collects data on users who retweet the tweets specified by the program.
After acquiring retweeted user data, the program will automatically draw lots. Lottery results are sent via direct message using Twitter's API.
How Twitter Instant Win Works
I am new to Instant Win campaigns, how far can you help me?
With an eye on the major goal of sales promotion, we will provide support based on a schedule we will create, 
covering everything from campaign content to necessary image materials and operations.
If I use Instant Win, do I have to pay for advertising?
No, not required.
Advertising billing may be required for notification of results in replies or when a large number of participants are expected. Please inquire.
What kind of campaign can I organize?
Follow & Retweet Campaign", "Hashtag Campaign" and "Receipt Submission Campaign" can be held.
Drawing methods and gifts can be selected according to the target audience and the products and services handled.
Types of campaigns that can be held at PARKLoT
Do you have any recommendations for the duration or frequency of the campaign?
Most accounts are held two to four times a month for three to seven days.
The trick to increasing the effectiveness of the event is to hold it continuously for at least three months, while reviewing the contents of the prizes, etc.
How to run a professional Twitter Instant Win Campaign
Can each person participate in the campaign once?
Yes, the standard setting is to participate up to once per day.
Can I do an instant win campaign with no hassles?
Yes, it is possible.
PARKLoT has an "All Applicants Present" feature.
Coupon codes or QR codes can be sent to all participants who were not selected in the prize drawing.
Can I set a condition to follow multiple accounts?
Yes, it can be set up as long as it is a later draw that is not an instant win.
However, it is not recommended by PARKLoT 
because it may increase the time and effort of participating users and slow down the spread.
When is the earliest I can start the campaign?
If you have a Twitter account, campaign name, gift, campaign period, and image for tweet submission, you can start your campaign in as little as 10 minutes.
What kind of Twitter campaign can I run?
・Follow & Retweet
・Follow & Like
・Follow & Quote Retweet
・Follow & hashtag, etc.
We are flexible to other application methods. Please contact us.
I saw the description "Of the Twitter campaign methods, we only offer Like campaigns.
You can also run a Like campaign on PARKLoT.
We also have examples of campaigns that say, "Like us if you are ~~, retweet us if you are 00".
Is it necessary to obtain a Twitter developer account and API key?
If you wish to run a campaign with an immediate drawing, you must obtain the Twitter API.
Is it difficult to apply for API with a new Twitter account?
New accounts are not particularly difficult.
We have also prepared materials that you can refer to when communicating with Twitter, so please take advantage of them.
What is the process to start the campaign?
The basic flow is: application - data preparation and payment - campaign creation - campaign start.
Steps to start the campaign
Is there anything the organizer should do on Twitter after the campaign tweet is automatically posted?
The drawing is automatic, so no special work is required. 
However, to further boost the campaign, we recommend "pinning" the corresponding tweet to your profile.
The official PARKLoT account will also help spread the word by quoting and retweeting.
Can I distribute coupons that can be used in-store?
Yes, it is possible.
Can you measure the number of coupons distributed and used?
Yes, the number of sheets used can be measured.
Can I run a double chance campaign?
Yes, it is possible.
Can I change the wording of the DM sent after a follow & retweet?
Wording cannot be changed. Customization is available at extra cost.
Is it possible to send a DM to participants who were not selected?
Yes, DM can be sent even in the case of a hashish.
How many DMs can I send per day, totaling winners and losers?
Due to Twitter regulations, the limit is 1,000 messages/day. (15,000 messages for verified accounts)
Can I distribute Amazon gift certificates as campaign prizes?
Yes, "Amazon Gift Certificates" can be distributed as campaign prizes.
Distribution of Amazon Gift Certificates
An error occurred sending a DM to a winner in a campaign for automatic digital gift certificate distribution. What happens to the gift codes that remain unsent?
This information cannot be carried over to the next campaign. A list of transmission errors can be shared, please respond individually.
Can I set up ice cream and sweets that can be redeemed at convenience stores and sweet stores as prizes?
Yes, we can.
There are services to purchase digital gifts in partnership with various convenience stores and ice cream stores such as 7-Eleven, Lawson, Famima, etc.
Please purchase from that service.
Can I make completion of the survey a condition of participation in the campaign?
Yes, it is possible.
Please contact us for more information.
Yes, we recommend using Chrome as the browser.
(even if you are using Chrome on a Windows machine, this may cause a rare glitch)
Can I collect hashtagged posts and post them on my website?
Yes, posts with hashtags on Twitter and Instagram 
can be automatically collected and displayed on the corporate website.
You can easily get started by simply embedding the tags we issue.
Can you also embed hashtagged posts on my site?
We cannot handle the embedding itself, as we need permission to access the site.
We plan to hold the campaign for 7 days; what is the difference between holding 7 consecutive 1-day campaigns (7 posts) and 1 campaign for 7 consecutive days (1 post)?
We recommend a type that makes 7 submissions.
If you do not advertise, impressions after the second day will drop and participation will be poor.
Posting daily makes it easier to encourage and connect with user participation.
Do I need permission from the contributor to use the hashtagged post on my company's website?
No, not required.
When posting hashtagged posts on my site, can I choose which posts to display?
Yes, you can show or hide posts.
The basic settings are set to hidden, so even if there are inappropriate images, they will not be displayed. Please be assured.
When posting hashtagged posts on your website, how many posts are displayed?
By default, 50 posts are displayed. Customization is available for an additional charge.
Can I change the design of hashtagged posts on my company's website?
Yes, we can. We charge an optional fee of 50,000 yen and up.
When posting hashtagged posts on your own website, how often do you retrieve the posts?
It is acquired once every 15 minutes.


Can I ask you to create a banner image for my campaign?
Yes, we can handle this. Please contact us for more information.
What precautions should I take when creating campaign banner images in-house?
Some types of gift certificates require prior screening. Please contact us for details.
Is there a specified size for banner images?
Banner image size of 1200 x 675 or 1080 x 1080 is recommended.
Is there any security when "logging in with Twitter" or "linking with apps"? Will I be charged for the service?
No personal or other information, other than what Twitter has set as public, will be divulged.
You will not be charged for this service.
Can I send attachments in the DM notifying me of the results?
If you wish to send attachments such as images and videos using PARKLoT's functions, customization is required.
Attachments to DMs notifying you of the results of your selection
Is it possible to customize the presentation of the screen displaying the winning results?
Yes, we can accommodate.
The production can display images and characters that match the brand's image and impress participants with the name of the product or service.
Customizing the Winning Result Display Screen
When conducting Instant Win, will there be any delays even if a large number of applications are received?
Due to the system, delays may occur in rare cases.
To deal with such cases, we have adopted a flow that allows you to check the results from the URL in the campaign post.
I want to use tweets for Follow & RT campaign as promo ads (promo tweets) as well. Can you link them together?
Yes, they can be linked.
First, please post a promo tweet with your Twitter ad account.
After that, please share the URL of the relevant tweet and we will link it to the PARKLoT Instant Win system.
When a participant follows and RTs the corresponding tweet, the drawing will automatically begin and a DM will be sent.
How long does it take to link to Promotional Tweets after sharing the tweet URL?
It takes about 30 minutes to complete the linkage.
When linking to promo tweets, what happens to participants who applied via follow & RT before the linkage is completed?
Since the data is retrieved retroactively in time, there is no leakage of participants between URL sharing and completion of the linkage.
Can I run an Instant Win campaign in conjunction with PARKLoT for Twitter carousel ads?
Yes, we can work together. Please let us know the URL after submission.
We have been holding a follow and retweet campaign for a while. The number of participants has been stagnant. Is there any plan to make it fresher?
Scratch campaigns, slot campaigns, diagnostic content, etc. can be held.
Adding a staging effect can motivate participation.
Please contact us for more information.
In the case of a slot campaign, I can slot many times from the result notification URL, is the lottery drawn each time?
No. Only one drawing will be held.
No matter how many times the slot screen is displayed, the lottery result remains the same.
Can I use it just to collect retweet users?
Yes, we can also list users who retweeted the corresponding tweet.
Listing of likes and replies is also supported.
Is it possible to send a batch of DMs to users who have replied to previous tweets?
Please contact us about sending bulk DMs to reply, like, and retweet users.
Can I also hold a fortune or scratch-off game on line?
The lottery is compatible with the format of moving to the link from LINE, logging in to LINE, and drawing lots. (LINE Linkage)
We can create a special website, distribute gift codes, collect addresses, etc. Please contact us.
Can I request only the collection of retweets or images?
Yes, you can request it.
Can you do any promotion other than a present campaign (instant win)? The purpose is to introduce and raise awareness of our products.
Yes, we can produce cartoon ads that are easily viewed and shared on Twitter.
This is a highly appealing sales promotion method that introduces products in a story format.
I want to encourage people to sign up for a corporate LINE account, is there a good plan?
Yes, the automatic content DM distribution feature is recommended.
You can automatically send DMs to retweeted users, encouraging them to link to your LINE account or company website, download images, etc.
How many days do I have to send the giveaway?
There is no specific rule, but in most cases, the shipment is made in about one week.
Can I install a campaign drawing feature on my site?
Yes, we can. We can incorporate a lottery system within your company's managed website.
Please inquire about costs.
Is it possible to get a simulation of the expected results of a campaign using PARKLoT?
Yes, we can provide you with a simulation of the expected results based on the actual values of past campaigns. We can provide you with a simulation of expected results based on actual results of past campaigns, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
(Results are not guaranteed.)
Is it possible to prevent users who have participated in the same campaign in the past from winning?
Yes, it can be set up as long as it is a later draw that is not an instant win.
Do I need a special page? Can I ask PARKLoT to create a special page?
No, a special page is not required for a regular Instant Win campaign.
If you want to enhance your brand value or plan to spread your brand through diagnostic content, 
we can help you with the creation of a special page. Please contact us for more information.
Is there a blacklist registration function?
At this time, we do not have a blacklist registration function.
You can set your winners narrowed down by default profile account and minimum number of followers.
Is there a mechanism to prevent illegal lotteries?
Yes, you can set the default profile account not to win.
It prevents a certain number of multiple account entries for prize purposes.
How many seconds does it take to receive an auto-reply? Is there a delay?
Depending on the environment, the system usually takes around 1 minute to arrive.
Please be assured that even if there is a delay, replies will be made sequentially.
Can I collect hashtagged posts and post them on my website?
Yes, posts with hashtags on Twitter and Instagram 
can be automatically collected and displayed on the corporate website.
You can easily get started by simply embedding the tags we issue.
Can I run a campaign to increase video views?
Yes, it is possible to run a campaign in which users watch a video and participate in a quiz, 
or a campaign in which a special video URL is automatically DM'd to only retweet users.
Can I also request a campaign where people can participate in a stamp rally at a physical store and win a drawing?
Yes, we can accommodate. Please contact us for details.