How does Twitter Instant Win work?

During the campaign period, PARKLoT's system linked to Twitter collects data on users who retweet the specified tweets.
After acquiring retweeted user data, the program automatically draws lots according to pre-set lottery probabilities. Lottery results are sent via direct message using Twitter's API.

Businesses that provide Twitter extensions (instant win, automatic DM, hashtag collection, etc.), including our company, use the API provided by Twitter to provide instant win services. (For a detailed explanation of TwitterAPI, click here.)

If you run a retweet campaign, such as Instant Win, or create a bot application that responds to specific keywords, and need to make a large number of Twitter API calls to make the application work, you will need to request Twitter to release the API limit.

About Twitter API

Twitter's API platform provides broad access to general Twitter data that provider users have set to share globally. The API allows users to manage private Twitter information (e.g., direct messages) and also makes this information available to authorized developers.

What you can do with TwitterAPI

The Twitter API allows you to utilize a variety of data on Twitter as part of your own programs. Here is a sampling of some of them that may be particularly relevant to social networking campaigns and instant wins.

  1. Post a Tweet
  2. Check if the specified user is following your account
  3. Obtain a list of users who "liked" the specified tweet
  4. Obtain a list of users who "retweeted" the specified tweet
  5. Retrieve a list of users who have quoted and retweeted the specified tweet and the text posted
  6. Upload media (still or video images)
  7. Send a reply to the specified user
  8. Send DMs to specified users

About TwitterAPI Limits

When using the Twitter API, certain restrictions on account operations are defined for the purpose of maintaining system reliability, as follows

  1. 2,400 replies/day if they are replies
  2. If it is a DM, the maximum number of messages is 1000 per day

The above are typical examples of API restrictions, but there are various other restrictions on the Twitter API in addition to the above. These are limitations of the Twitter platform, not of PARKLoT's system.
Some restrictions are relaxed by obtaining a certification badge.