Follow & 
hashtag quote retweet

To enter the campaign, simply follow the event's account and retweet the campaign tweet with the specified hashtag.Although less diffuse than the Follow & Retweet campaign, this campaign can build relationships with followers and gain fans.

Follow & hashtag quote retweet
  • Diffusivity


  • Lottery Method

    Drawn at a later date

  • Result Confirmation Method


Recommended for

Low budget for holding campaigns

Want to buzz the campaign itself.

Want to further increase my company's visibility

Campaign Features



Ease of participation


Contact person


Campaigns vary greatly in the degree of diffusion depending on the nature of the campaign.
If the campaign itself becomes a hot topic, it can significantly increase the number of followers.

The hurdle for users to participate is higher compared to the Follow & Retweet campaign, as participation is by following and quoting retweets with hashtags.
In addition, users are moderately motivated to participate because they are not immediately notified of the results.

During the campaign, there will be no work for the person in charge, but after the campaign is over, the participants' profiles will need to be individually verified and DMs will need to be sent, which will require a moderate amount of work for the person in charge.
If you wish to send DMs only to the winners, you can do so without using the campaign tool.

How would implementing 
PARKLoT's campaign tools 
change things?

PARKLoT's campaign tools can significantly reduce operational time!
Check the campaign flow to see where reductions can be made.

If the campaign is conducted manually

Open the corresponding campaign page from Twitter
List of participants
Check user details screen
Determination of winners

Repeat for as many winners as there are winners

Search Winners' Accounts
Creating, confirming, and sending DMs

Repeat for as many winners as there are winners

3-5 hours required
just to complete the campaign.

  • Need to log in to Twitter and check each participant's profile one by one.
  • Need to send DMs to winners one by one.

When using PARKLoT

Winners are determined from CSV created by PARKLoT
Create CSV of list of winners
PARKLoT sends bulk DMs to winners

The campaign will be done 
in 20-30 minutes!

  • Sort, filter, and view the list of participants in CSV format.
  • You can ask PARKLoT to send bulk DMs of winning and losing candidates.
  • (As a secondary effect)Analyze applicant trends and use them in future campaigns

The tool is not recommended 
in the following cases

  • No applicant information required
  • Fewer winners
  • No cost to implement the tool

Specific campaign procedures
when using PARKLoT

Now let me explain in detail the campaign procedure when using PARKLoT!



Please provide PARKLoT with your campaign information

Please provide us with the following information about your campaign at least 3 business days prior to the start of the campaign
We will set up the data.

Information to be provided

  • Organizer's Twitter account name
  • Start date and time
  • End date and time



Please post your campaign tweets on Twitter

Post a tweet about the campaign on Twitter.



Start collecting quotes and retweets

We will start collecting users who quote and retweet the campaign tweets.



We will send a CSV of the list of applicants to the person in charge

We will provide you with a CSV of the list of participants in the campaign.
Please check the CSV to determine the winners.



Please determine the winners and give them to PARKLoT in CSV format

After the winners have been selected, we will ask you to create a CSV file necessary for us to contact the winners.
The text of the winning DM will also be shared with us.

When you send us your CSV, please also send us the text of the winning text to be sent via DM.

Information to be provided

  • User ID
  • User name
  • Account name
  • Prize name


Information to be provided



We will send a batch of DMs to the winners

We will send a batch of DMs to each winner based on the winning text and CSV sent by the person in charge.

DM to winners

What features are included 
in PARKLoT's monthly fee?

General follow & quote retweet campaigns with hashtags are available for a monthly fee.

Features included in the monthly fee

Instant Win Campaign Implementation Costs

Retrieving hashtagged quoted retweets

CSV output of participant information

Provision of CSV of list of campaign participants

*If complex customization is required, 
an additional fee may be charged.