Coupon Distribution 

This campaign aims to promote store visits and purchases by distributing coupons to participants.

Coupon Distribution Campaign
  • Diffusivity


  • Lottery Method

    Instant drawing

  • Result Confirmation Method


Recommended for

Want my tweets to spread.

Send coupon codes to eliminate the hassle of sending paper media

Want to distribute our own coupon codes and promote sales.

Want to increase the number of visits to my physical store or e-commerce site.

Campaign Features




Contact person


This campaign aims to promote store visits and purchases by distributing coupons to participants.

Participation requirements are follow & retweet. It is easy to participate and spread the word, and the instant-win format can motivate participants.

If your account has a physical store or e-commerce site, we recommend this campaign regardless of how many followers you have.

How would implementing 
PARKLoT's campaign tools 
change things?

PARKLoT can streamline the "flow of determining and notifying winners".
In addition, data can be accumulated that will be useful in planning future campaigns.

If the campaign is conducted manually

Open the corresponding campaign page from Twitter
List of participants
Check user details screen
Determination of winners

Repeat for as many winners as there are winners.

Search Winners' Accounts
Creating, confirming, and sending DMs

Repeat for as many winners as there are winners.

3-5 hours required
just to complete the campaign

  • Need to log in to Twitter and check each participant's profile one by one
  • Need to send DMs to winners one by one

When using PARKLoT

Provide campaign information to PARKLoT and register data at our company
Campaign automatically starts, and users who retweet are automatically drawn.
When a winner is selected, a DM with the coupon URL is automatically sent.

The campaign implementation process takes
20-30 minutes!

  • Sort, filter, and view the list of participants in CSV format
  • The lottery process for winning and losing can be fully automated
  • Reduce coupon delivery time and printing costs
  • (As a secondary effect)Analyze applicant trends and use them in future campaigns

The tool is not recommended 
in the following cases

  • No applicant information required
  • Fewer winners
  • No cost to implement the tool

Specific campaign procedures
when using PARKLoT



Please provide PARKLoT with your campaign information

Please contact us via email or Slack with your campaign information at least 3 business days prior to the start of the campaign.
The required data can be found on the [Coupon Distribution Campaign] Schedule and Submission Data Ver. 2.



Register for the campaign

We will set up the data based on the information you provide.



The campaign tweet will be automatically posted and the campaign will begin

At the start time, the tweet will be automatically posted and the campaign will begin.



Automatically send DMs to participants

Retweet users will be collected and the probability of winning will be calculated to determine the winner automatically. The URL where the coupon can be displayed will be automatically sent to the winners via DM.
The list of campaign participants can be viewed from the administration page.

What kind of coupons are available?

Coupons are available in three types: cancelable, timed, and unlimited for a period of time.

Instant Win Campaign Implementation Costs

What features are included
in PARKLoT's monthly fee?

The coupon distribution campaign is available within the monthly fee.

Features included in the monthly fee

Automatic drawing of winners

Automatic drawing 
of winners


CSV output of 
participant information

*If complex customization is required, 
an additional fee may be charged.

Send automatic DM to participants with the URL of the result of the lottery

Send automatic DM to participants 
with the URL or coupon URL 
of the result of the lottery