Gain followers and
Accelerate sales promotion
SNS Campaign Tools

Instant Win, Coupon Distribution, UGC Use!
You can do all sorts of SNS campaigns!

Extensive Functions
From 50,000 yen
Held in as little as one day
Support from planning to execution of SNS campaign measures!

Do you have any of 
these problems?

  • Limited budget and frequency of implementation, 
    and it takes time to plan.
    It takes time to plan
  • Want to reduce the hassle of campaign operations!
    Want to reduce the hassle of campaign operations!
  • Want effective promotion in less time!
    Want effective promotion in less time!
  • Campaigns do not lead to sales.
    Campaigns do not lead to sales.

will solve your problems!!

Automates tedious tasks!


PARKLoT automates the entire process of drawing lotscollecting application information, and notifying winners!
It reduces time spent on administrative tasks and creates time for essential value creation, such as communication with customers.

Immediately upon thinking of it, do it!

Immediately upon thinking of it, do it!

Campaign starts in as little as 10 minutes!
This is a great way to promote your services and products in a timely manner without missing opportunities, which will lead to immediate results.

Improvements and additions, as many times as you want!

Improvements and additions, as many times as you want!

Campaigns should combine short-term and medium- to long-term measures!
PARKLoT's campaigns can be conducted as many times as you like on a monthly basis , allowing you to run effective campaigns and maximize LTV.

With a fixed price plan,
you can run a 
completely unlimited* campaign.

Generally, when people try to run a campaign on Twitter, they tend to spend too much time planning because of the limited budget and number of times they can run it, and even if the response is not good, they tend to hesitate to run it again because of the large time and budget costs.

With PARKLoT, you can conduct a campaign as soon as you think of it, or by trial and error while watching the response to your campaign.
You can take advantage of opportunities to promote your services and products.

In addition, when improvements are made, time related to securing budgets and contracts can be cut, so the cycle toward results is not slowed down and the campaign can focus on the campaign.

*Restrictions may apply depending on plan and usage

Cut down on time related to internal reviews and contracts

PDCA cycles for 
results, fast!

PDCA cycles for results

Campaigns that can be 
implemented in PARKLoT

Spreading the appeal of products 
and services through a variety of campaigns.

Increase the number of fans by enjoying 
exciting campaigns with your customers.

  • Instant win

    Results will be notified by DM. You can check the results of the lottery without the need for Twitter verification! The very popular "win on the spot" policy.

  • Coupon distribution

    Helping you attract customers to your physical store! Distributed three types of coupons: "Cancelable," "Timed," and "Unlimited for a period of time."

  • Quizzes, diagnostics, mini-games

    It's a great way to get people to visit your site! Campaigns that can create even more excitement such as scratch, slots, etc.

  • Automatic Gift Certificate Sending

    Send digital gift certificates to winners via DM! The popular Twitter Follow RT Campaign will be held immediately!

  • Twitter Operation

    From automated appointment posting, RT campaigns, to sending DMs on behalf of our clients! To attract Twitter customers with results.

  • Retweet user collection

    Retrieve all retweet users. Supporting effective campaign planning by utilizing for various analyses!

Plus a wide variety of free options

  • Shipping Address Collection
  • Automatically sent to winners
  • Leading to the website
  • Leading to LINE
  • Document distribution
  • Setting the probability of winning for each gift
  • Election Criteria Settings
  • Winning and losing image custom
  • Data collection and CSV export

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Case Studies

PARKLoT delivers a CPF 
that is unthinkable with Twitter 
Instant Win until now.



The Twitter Instant Win campaign was launched just as the brand launched in January 2020. Launched as part of a promotional campaign for a newly launched brand with a limited budget. In just two weeks, the 40 followers have grown to over 2,960.

Number of followers increased




*Including gift cost
Images of case studies

NOR. Co.

NOR., a new branded cosmetics brand in its first year of operation, had run several self-managed campaigns in the past, gaining 6,920 followers, but the lottery was struggling with operating costs, such as communicating with the winners. Therefore, we implemented a campaign using PARKLoT, which resulted in a record number of followers and a significant reduction in operating costs.

Number of followers increased




*Including gift cost


Recommended Instant Win campaign plans 
are available for a variety of marketing initiatives.

Want to increase your marketing effectiveness

Fixed price plan

50,000 yen~/month

(55,000 yen~ including tax)

  • 3-month contract: 60,000 yen/month (66,000 yen including tax)
  • 6-month contract: 55,000 yen/month (60,500 yen including tax)
  • Annual contract: 50,000 yen/month (55,000 yen including tax)

* A minimum 3 month contract is required.

Initial cost


Want to try the campaign

pay-as-you-go plan

80,000 yen/time

(88,000 yen including tax)

Initial cost*

50,000 yen

(55,000 yen including tax)

*Only at the time of initial contract.

Please contact us for rates 
for other campaigns.

Inquire about rates

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that for this price you can run many campaigns? Is there any additional cost?
If you sign up for a fixed price plan, you can campaign as many times as you wish at no additional cost.
When is the earliest I can start the campaign?
If you have a Twitter account, campaign name, gift, campaign period, and image for tweet submission, you can start your campaign in as little as 10 minutes.
Can you deliver gifts to winning users on our behalf?
We do not provide delivery service to the winning user.Winners' shipping information can be exported in CSV format.

Download the 3-minute PARKLoT 
Success Storybook now!

Download documents (free)