Are the campaigns held in PARKLoT reply or URL type?

URL type.

Lottery results will be notified via direct message. The message contains a URL, and you can check the results by viewing the URL in your browser.

The difference between URL type and reply type

There are several notification methods for lottery results. The characteristics of each are described below.

What is a URL type?

This is a method of participation in which you will be notified of the results of the campaign drawing by URL.
Participants click on the URL and check the lottery results at the destination website.

What is a reply type?

The method is that you will be notified of the results of the campaign drawing by reply.
Users who are not participating in the campaign can also view the results of the campaign drawing.

Why PARKLoT uses URL type (send URL by DM)?

This system is adopted to "allow users to receive prizes without the need to log in.
*Please note that there are some services that require login for the same method.
*If you have reached the limit for sending direct messages, you will not receive notification by message, in which case you will need to log in to check the results.

In case of reply type, "login is required to check the lottery results".
Due to Twitter specifications, replies can be viewed by all participants, so you must log in with the Twitter account you applied for in order to verify your account.

It is possible to customize the result notification method to a reply type, but the URL to receive the gift will be known to users other than the winner. Therefore, Twitter login is required for account verification both when confirming results and receiving gifts.

We have confirmed that some accounts do not notify users in the case of replies, so we basically deprecate them.