I have a Twitter retweet campaign that was conducted without using PARKLoT. Can I retrieve the users who participated in this campaign later?

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Due to Twitter specifications, retweet users can usually only get up to the most recent 100 retweets.
However, in some situations, retweet users can be obtained using other methods.

Without using a dedicated tool, retweet users can only get the last 100 retweets.

When conducting a retweet campaign, here are some points that require special attention.

If you try to check retweet users from the Twitter application, you can actually only see the most recent 100 users.

PARKLoT's retweet user collection mechanism

PARKLoT has a system running in the background constantly collecting data on retweeting users from the moment the campaign starts until the end of the campaign.

Plan your use of the tool!

Please consider using the tool when conducting a retweet campaign so that you do not panic when conducting the drawing.