Can I distribute Amazon gift certificates as campaign prizes?

Yes, it is possible.

Using PARKLoT's functionality, it is possible to automate the distribution of Amazon gift certificates. The system can also automate the process of drawing winners, eliminating any hassle.

[Corporate] Products and services for which Amazon gift certificates cannot be used as campaign prizes include

  1. tobacco
  2. Pornographic and adult products and services
  3. law-evading drug (e.g. amyl nitrates, MiPT)
  4. Dating services*1
  5. Gambling*2
  6. online auction
  7. Consumer finance*3
  8. Daily deal and discount service businesses (e.g., joint purchase coupon services)
  9. Live Streaming Service
  10. virtual currency
  11. telemarketing
  12. Trading in embargoed goods or with embargoed countries
  13. firearms
  14. Religious and political activities
  15. Products and services that Amazon deems illegal or inappropriate

For more information, please refer to the Guidelines for the Use of Corporate Amazon Gift Certificates.

For more information, please visit Amazon's website.

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Distribution of Other Gift Certificates

Automated distribution of Amazon gift certificates in combination with PARKLoT's services is available as an option.

Various gift codes, coupons and vouchers other than Amazon gift certificates can also be distributed directly to users via Twitter direct messages.

PARKLoT allows you to automate the tedious task of distributing Amazon gift certificates.

Please contact us for more information.