Is it possible to customize the presentation of the screen displaying the winning results?

Yes, this is an option, but we can handle it.

The production can display images and characters that match the brand's image and impress participants with the name of the product or service.

Flow from participation in the campaign to receipt of goods in the case of customized staging

  1. Join the campaign by retweeting (other methods of participation are also possible)
  2. Notification of results via direct message
  3. Transition to the campaign site from the URL in the direct message
  4. Displaying the production in the site (videos, animations, games, slides etc ...)
  5. After the production is completed, the result of winning or losing is displayed.
  6. Receive prizes if you win

Please feel free to contact us for design and proposal of customization of the staging area.

Campaigns can also be designed to allow participants to participate in double chances by answering questionnaires after the results are displayed.

As for the customization of the production, it is an optional feature of PARKLoT, so please contact us for more details.